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Letters to the editor: COP28

Writing in March this year the leading climate scientist Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research stated ”to not exceed 1.5°C of warming requires 11% year-on-year cuts in emissions, falling to nearer 5% for 2°C. However, these global average rates ignore the core concept of equity, central […]


Letter to the Editor

A Chara, I am writing to applaud the courageous decision by Dublin City Council to decline the application for a WW1 Memorial in Killester, and for their excellent maintenance of our publicly-owned green open spaces and trees over many decades. The majority of Killester residents do not want political controversy […]


A Note on Ukraine

In the March Socialist Voice, a piece on Ukraine proposed the proximate cause of the war is NATO. There are good reasons why Communists in Western European countries should highlight NATO’s role to its own populations insofar as it helps counter one-sided narratives of the conflict. However, some have also […]


Ná Díolaimis Coillte Do Chreach-Chistí

A chara, Ba chóir do Choillte diúltú don socrú seo le hinfheisteoirí. Tá Éire, lena haeráid bhog mheasartha (téite ag Sruth na Murascaille) an-fheiliúnach do chrainn dhúchasacha. Ach le míle bliain anuas laghdaíodh méid ár gcoillte go dtí 1%. Faoi láthair tá níos lú ná 12% den talamh faoi chrainn, […]


British Army Memorials in Killester

Dear Editor, I refer to plans to build British Army Memorials in 2023, for example in our area, Killester, on Dublin’s north side. Many well-meaning people in this country see no harm in the numerous British War Memorials, thinking that they are just remembering the past glories of the British […]


Alex Saab and the Death of Diplomacy

Dear friends, Two years ago, we started the campaign to release Alex Saab, a Venezuelan diplomat incarcerated in a United States federal prison in Miami. Venezuela’s Special Envoy to Iran was arrested on June 12, 2020, when his plane was forced to stop in Cape Verde to refuel, local authorities […]

Ireland Letters

A new British Army memorial

A chairde,      Dublin City Council does indeed think that Ireland, and specifically Dublin, needs more British army WWI Memorials. Apparently the concept of Irish neutrality, not to speak of the concreting of public green areas and destruction of public spaces, does not trouble Dublin City Council. The councillors, led […]



I was just wondering if someone could pass my compliments on to Graham Harrington for his latest article (“Irish decolonisation,” 4 October 2022). It was a great exploration of the all too commonplace “colonised” Irish mindset/psyche through the lens of Marxism, with especially welcome emphasis on the Irish language. Graham’s […]



“Covid vaccination: A more radical solution needed,” written by Raymond Ó Dubhghaill on 3 October 2021. I applaud Raymond for this article. I used to describe myself as left/anarchist/animal liberationist/punk. As a vegan I have been interested in the connection of medicine and animal based research for 30 years. As […]


Letter – Healthcare & Partition

It is often said that to know how things work you need to live that experience. Over the last number of years, be it on my holidays in the occupied Six Counties or listening to friends and family, I have heard so many stories of a system that isn’t working […]


Pride is a protest

On Saturday 25 June members and comrades of the CPI joined a protest organised by the Connolly Youth Movement on Rosie Hackett Bridge to protest against the take-over of pride by companies that solely see us as a means to profit, by people who have historically oppressed LGBT minorities and […]


Letter from Galway

In this seemingly never-ending “Decade of Commemorations,” with such highlights as the recent commemoration of partition (!), some things seem to get forgotten (besides truth and common sense)—things close to home and things far away. Close to home, here in Galway, it won’t be the execution of Commandant Liam Mellows […]

Imperialism Letters

Letter – Humanitarian intervention

Thanks to SV for disclosing the truth about Samantha Power. Biden is making many hawkish appointments to his foreign policy team. Power is one of them, though she always proclaims her alleged “humanitarian” motives. The Agency for International Development, which she will head, funds many US interventions in the Third […]


Letter – The health of the nation

In response to the letter by Jim Quinn to SV regarding my recent article “The health of the nation,” it seems Jim Quinn has also failed to join up the dots of the statistics and research in the article. The key point to the article is that the socio-economic failure […]