“Covid vaccination: A more radical solution needed,” written by Raymond Ó Dubhghaill on 3 October 2021. I applaud Raymond for this article.

I used to describe myself as left/anarchist/animal liberationist/punk. As a vegan I have been interested in the connection of medicine and animal based research for 30 years. As a result I and my family have decided not to partake in any vaccines for various reasons. Over the last two years I have experienced online abuse from those identifying themselves as anti-fascist or far left or LGBTQI supporters. I have never seen abuse from the conservatives or moderate right! This is despite the fact that in my youth I campaigned for anti-fascist, LGBT, workers’ rights, anti-privatisation, anti war and of course animal rights causes. Often putting myself in harm’s way.

How disappointing and disgusted and frightening it was to see people from the far left trying to deny my family the same freedoms I’d campaigned for others.

Well done to Raymond on trying to bring this to light—and no, I’ll not be convinced I need covid or any other vaccine.

Best regards