Appeal For Solidarity

Please consider making a donation towards the continuing development of Socialist Voice.

Socialist Voice, like its predecessor, The Irish Socialist, has over the years been a strong advocate of national unity, championing the struggle for Irish national democracy and sovereignty. We were the only voice calling for repudiation of the odious debt imposed on our people by the European Union. Socialist Voice has been clear and outspoken in its support for women’s equality and the right to choose.

It is clearly partisan on the side of workers, both at home and abroad, and we make no apology for that. We will continue to be the voice of anti-imperialism from Ireland and stand with those struggling against imperialist domination and with those building socialism in very difficult conditions.

We need your active solidarity in order for us to give solidarity, to continue being your voice both at home and internationally. Please help us in our development plans. We want to expand the reach of both the electronic and the printed version of Socialist Voice, to have the resources to promote Socialist Voice through social media, in Ireland and to Irish citizens living abroad.

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