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East German Literature: Challenges and Triumphs in Cultural Recognition

East German Literature: Challenges and Triumphs in Cultural Recognition Germany’s minister of state for culture, the senior Green politician Claudia Roth, one of the almost exclusively West German-born government officials, voiced her surprise at a recent literary event upon discovering that there were other books on East German (GDR) bookshelves […]

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With the current culture wars focusing on mainly trans people, singling out trans women in particular (and forgetting trans men exist), one would almost forget that Irish feminists were once involved in a feminist journal that had subscribers all over the world. It was revolutionary in its writing, trying to […]

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No Glory In War 

In 1985, Soviet Belarusian anti-war film Come and See, written and directed by Elem Klimov, was finally released. The film follows the story of a young boy from a rural village. He joins the partisans to fight off the nazi army invading the country and through his experiences, we see […]

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Ruling By Fooling 

Fifty years after the collapse of the first attempt to reform the governance of Northern Ireland, the six county state remains a hopelessly failed political entity. Not only is it afflicted with the chaotically dysfunctional local Stormont administration, but lurking always in the background is manipulation by Britain’s Deep State.     […]