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Triple-Lock – The betrayal of a solemn promise to the Irish People

In one of the most disturbing recent Irish government announcements, Mícheál Martin has repeated his administration’s intention to press ahead with legislation to get rid of the triple-lock dealing with Irish military involvement abroad. Designed to protect this country’s neutrality, the triple-lock curtails the unrestricted deployment of Irish troops in […]

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The cause of Labour is the cause of Ireland, the cause of Ireland is the cause of Labour

The trade union movement, north and south, is at a significant crossroads where it can choose to struggle, fight, grow and raise the expectations and consciousness of our class and with our class, or it can choose to be further incorporated into the structures of Imperialism. With changing demographics and […]

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The Essence of Imperialism

Ireland suffered under the weight of imperialism in the past for the longest time and today continues to bear the oppression of the triple-lock of imperialism. People who are acquainted with Irish history know well the destruction and damage caused by imperialism on the population, the economy, culture, language, nature, […]