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Ransom ’79: film review

Ransom ’79 (dir. Colm Quinn, 2024) is the story of Charlie Bird working on his final documentary, about a demand to extort £5 million from the government or foot-and-mouth disease would be unleashed into the south of Ireland, back in 1979. This is a true crime story, that remained covered […]

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Palestine and the Environmental Struggle: a debate between Andreas Malm and Matan Kaminer

A recent series of blog posts on the website of Verso Books, acclaimed publisher on the left, attracted a lot of attention online. Andreas Malm, best known for his excellent analysis of the capitalist systems of climate emergency, started this series off with his long and informative essay “The Destruction […]

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Letters: Julian Assange

Dear Editor, All those who support peace and neutrality will welcome the release of Wikileaks founder and journalist Julian Assange. He has been freed after five years incarcerated in Britain’s most notorious Belmarsh Prison, and is expected to travel home to Australia after he agreed to plead guilty to a […]

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Dictatorship and Democracy

Words carry meaning, they carry history and they are influenced by history as well. The meaning of the word “dictatorship” has evolved since Marx used it. Dictatorship acquired a terrible meaning after Hitler’s Nazism and Mussolini’s fascism. Every past society is a dictatorship of some class or the other. The […]