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International Political Statements

Victory for the Trinity College Students

Students of Trinity College ended their encampment on the college grounds today, the mass, radical, direct action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. This encampment, which started last Friday, had clear demands for the College to take institutional responsibility, divest from Israeli companies, end academic ties with Israeli institutions, and […]

Article Ecology

The New Climate Denial

As we have gained an increasingly better understanding of the mechanisms of Earth’s climate, its past and its future, it has become ever more clear that human activities are a growing disruptive influence. The only way in which a climate catastrophe can be averted is through ambitious government regulations restricting […]

Article Political Essays

Elections and Alienation 

Elections and referendums are events in bourgeois “democracy” which give the people a brief sense of power. The people use this as an opportunity to show their anger – as with Brexit – once in few years because they are unable to meaningfully influence any policy decisions of government. Real […]

Article International

Genocide and Resistance

For over 6 months, the imperialists who trumpet the virtues of their so-called “rules-based international order” continue to support the genocide of Gaza. The US, Britain, Germany, and France continue to sponsor and sell arms to their settler-colonial Zionist state. Even the Irish government, who talk big on Gaza, have […]

Article History

Understanding History 

The historical narrative that we are taught has been consciously constructed by the ruling class. This historical narrative is constructed so that those of the ruling class are seen as the driving force of history and those of us who make up the working class are merely dragged along. This […]

Article Ecology

Climate crisis: a product of capitalism 

Liberal environmentalism is in a perpetual crisis; it is unsurprising that the crisis is a chance to escape the individualist traps with which it is riddled.  A pamphlet I recently read illustrates well where boundaries of such environmentalism lie. Two points were particularly illustrative and left ample space for Marxist-Leninist […]

Article Trade Unionism

Build Workers’ Power 

With the developing narrative around the EU directive on adequate minimum wages, workers should not be duped into believing that the EU is some sort of a benign benefactor for workers’ rights.    The EU directive on adequate minimum wage claims to be an effort to reduce working poverty and inequality […]

Article Culture Music

Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington, a prominent figure in music and cultural history, especially in jazz, died fifty years ago on May 24, 1974.  Edward Kennedy Ellington was born into a lower middle-class family in Washington on April 29, 1899. His mother was the daughter of a former slave. Ellington’s childhood was marked […]

Campaigns International

Palestine Exhaustion

There’s been a word on every activist’s lips recently; burnout. For the last 7 months, thousands of people who typically spend their evenings or weekends stopping illegal evictions, tackling environmental collapse, unionising workplaces, undermining the recently empowered far-right and a plethora of political and altruistic endeavours, have added the genocide […]