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Art Culture

The Zone of Interest – Review

Jonathan Glazer’s The Zone of Interest announces itself dramatically, with a blank screen and two minutes of foreboding music by Mica Levi heralding something ominous and important. The film, loosely based on the Martin Amis novel of the same name, centres around the professional and family life of Rudolf Höss, […]


A Voice from Gaza

I am living these days inside a plastic tent in Rafah, beside the border of Egypt and the Sinai Desert. I am living a very strange life, as I sleep in the day, and stay awake all the night—to guard my wife, my son and my two small daughters from […]


Climate breakdown and capitalism 

In his book Biology as Ideology, famous American biologist Richard Lewontin tackles some of the ideological prejudices of science, using his dialectical lens already well-developed in his previous book, The Dialectical Biologist. Here we recall one of the examples from his writing, lessons from which are easily applied to many […]

Imperialism International

Forced and Mass displacement of the Palestinian people: An essential pillar of the Zionist project 

Statement by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP)  It is not possible to talk about the emergence of the Israeli entity outside the framework of the doctrine of the massacres it committed since 1948, as the Israeli occupation sought, with direct support from the colonial Western countries, […]

Ireland Political Economy Trade Unionism

Public Sector Strikes and Union Strategy 

150,000 public sector workers recently undertook a 24-hour strike across the North. The demand was principally in relation to pay. Adding fuel to worker discontent are strained public services, which impact labour effort via intensification but also relativity of pay. Northern Irish workers’ salaries compare unfavourably to equivalents in Britain. […]