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Multipolarity and the BRICS

A current fashion within the left is the championing of multipolarity. It assumes a bloc of states in different countries, some with more mixed economies than others, as objectively “anti-imperialist” insofar as they present a threat to the American hegemon. Some of this interpretation is jaundiced, especially when one considers […]


CPI delegates’ visit to China

Part 1 In this first part of a two-part report, Gearóid Ó Machail, member of the CPI National Political Committee, who travelled to China accompanied by the CPI general secretary, Jimmy Corcoran, provides an account of the delegation’s time spent in China and makes some observations based on his experience […]


Dollar Dominance

A recent article in Socialist Voice – entitled “Multipolarity and US Hegemony” – suggests that U.S. imperialism drives dollar dominance and that the dollar can only weaken by the political actions of countries like China. However, the risk to dollar dominance is unlikely to be determined in the last instance […]