A Political Earthquake: A Communist Perspective on the Fascist Surge in France.

This past Sunday, as Europe anxiously awaited the results of the European elections, many of us in France experienced a deep sense of fear and indignation. The far-right’s surge across the continent, though anticipated, materialised into a chilling reality. We now face the grim prospect of an increased number of fascist MEPs in the European Parliament, poised to roll back crucial advances in women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, migrant protections, and workers’ rights.

The responsibility for this lies entirely with the ruling class in power in countries like Poland, Germany, and France. These liberals regimes have systematically undermined the working class, exploiting far-right xenophobic propaganda to help their ruthless class warfare. By dividing us, they maintain their economic dominance and perpetuate inequality. It is clear that the capitalist system inherently breeds division and oppression, providing fertile ground for the resurgence of fascist ideologies.

In France, the fallout from the election results was exacerbated by an audacious and dangerous move from our so-called “King-President,” Emmanuel Macron. Barely an hour after the far-right’s victory became public — a victory that saw Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (Rassemblement National, RN) capturing twice the votes of Macron’s Renaissance party — Macron announced the dissolution of the French Parliament and called for snap elections within just 20 days. This hasty decision came suspiciously soon after a National Rally candidate made a similar call, revealing how readily the bourgeois government acquiesces to fascist demands.

Macron’s gambit to hold quick elections is a reckless and cynical attempt to consolidate power. By doing so, he risks strengthening the far-right’s presence in Parliament, while hoping this limited time won’t be enough for the left to unite and mobilise effectively. He’s hoping that the far-right’s inevitable failure in governance will lead voters back to his fold, ignoring the critical historical lesson: once fascists seize power, they try everything to keep it.

This move lays bare Macron’s true allegiance. Despite his self-professed role as the last bastion against far-right extremism, his policies have frequently echoed the rhetoric and agenda of his supposed adversaries. Over his seven years in office, Macron has repeatedly advanced proposals taken out of the far-right’s program, demonstrating a fundamental indifference to truly combating fascism. His recent actions underscore a disturbing reality: in times of crisis, the bourgeoisie will invariably turn to fascism to defend their class interests and suppress the working class.

Macron’s shameless attempt to blame the left for “creating chaos in the Parliament” (with the waving of a Palestinian flag? ) is a transparent manoeuvrer to deflect attention from his own failures. By framing the radical left as the villain, he obscures the imminent threat of a fascist-led government and deflects scrutiny from his own complicity in empowering the far-right.

While The Republicans (Les Républicains) engage in a sordid debate over whether to align with the National Rally, a party with Nazi roots, the left has shown remarkable unity and resolve. Within mere hours of Macron’s announcement, an extraordinary coalition spanning from Social Democrats to Trotskyists was forged to confront the fascist threat. This rapid formation, led by longstanding parties like the Parti communiste français (PCF), exemplifies the left’s unwavering dedication to the greater good. In true proletarian spirit, we have set aside our differences to unite against the existential threat of fascism.

It couldn’t have been otherwise. The population overflowed the streets of Paris and gathered outside the Head Quarter of the main left parties (the Social Democrats, the Greens, the Communist, and the Radical Left) demanding a united front against the rising fascist tide. This resurgence of solidarity is a powerful echo of the historic 1934 formation of the Front Populaire, when the left came together to repel the fascist threat in France. Today, under the banner of Le Nouveau Front Populaire, the New Popular Front, we are prepared to lead the resistance against the encroaching forces of far-right extremism.

In the face of this perilous moment, we have less than 20 days to mobilise and wage our struggle. The stakes have never been higher. Our mission is clear: to defend the Republic and uphold the values of justice, equality, and solidarity. As communists, anti fascism is in our blood.

The path ahead will be challenging, but united in our cause, we will prevail. The spirit of resistance that has always fueled the working class will guide us through these trying times, as we stand steadfast in our struggle for a truly just and egalitarian society.