Letter to the Editor

A Chara,

I am writing to applaud the courageous decision by Dublin City Council to decline the application for a WW1 Memorial in Killester, and for their excellent maintenance of our publicly-owned green open spaces and trees over many decades.

The majority of Killester residents do not want political controversy in our quiet residential area, and wish to co-exist peacefully with their neighbours, without feeling in any way pressured or threatened regarding their political outlook. Attempts to glorify the slaughter of those unfortunate enough to have enlisted in foreign armies to fight in imperial wars, and who were manipulated by cynical forces with no care for ordinary people’s lives, does not sit well with Irish people in 2023.

This is not the time for WW1 or WW2 Memorials, as both government and media in Ireland are leading a very strong charge to persuade the public to join NATO and abandon our long-time policy of neutrality. It is to be hoped that Dublin City Councillors and left-wing activists will remember that their inspiration, James Connolly, was Ireland’s foremost opponent of WW1.

Let us hope that the WW1 Memorial Campaign take this into account, accept the very correct decision of Dublin City Council regarding the use of public land, and agree to preserve the only two remaining public green areas with trees, in Killester.

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Aine Ní Bhroin
Cumann Staire Chill Easra
Collins Ave E., Killester, D.5