Author: Jimmy Doran

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Public housing is the solution

Government housing policy is the cause of the housing crisis. Homelessness, waiting-lists and extortionate private rent levels are the symptoms. Universally accessible public housing is the cure, the solution, to permanently end the housing crisis. Government housing policy works very well for those it is designed to benefit: the speculators, […]

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People and communities suffer as a consequence of the “sectarian game”

There was a great discussion recently with representatives of the Protestant/loyalist community about sectarianism and its roots, among other things, and the obvious effects on people and our society. That set me thinking about potential strategies. Socialists and republicans lay the blame for sectarianism at the door of British colonialism […]

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Rayner O’Connor Lysaght (1941–2021)

Rayner O’Connor Lysaght, who regularly attended events organised in Connolly Books, passed away on 2 July 2021 in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, after a prolonged illness. His funeral took place at Glasnevin crematorium, the coffin draped with the Starry Plough flag. Because of illness, Áine, his wife of forty-eight years, could […]

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Solidarity with Nicaragua

Paper given by Philip Kelly, Greater Belfast Branch, CPI ■ Today I joined comrades from around Latin America and Europe in a meeting with the Foreign Ministry of Nicaragua. Below is the text of my contribution. Brothers and sisters, comrades of the Sandinista Revolution, I speak to you today from […]

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Caravaggio and the Reformation

Born 450 years ago, on 29 September 1571, Caravaggio lived during the Counter-Reformation. The art form of that time, with a specific political function, was the Baroque. The development of the new middle class—the bourgeoisie—brought with it the dawn of the modern, capitalist era. The artistic expression of this new […]