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Victory for the Trinity College Students

Students of Trinity College ended their encampment on the college grounds today, the mass, radical, direct action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. This encampment, which started last Friday, had clear demands for the College to take institutional responsibility, divest from Israeli companies, end academic ties with Israeli institutions, and […]

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Palestine Exhaustion

There’s been a word on every activist’s lips recently; burnout. For the last 7 months, thousands of people who typically spend their evenings or weekends stopping illegal evictions, tackling environmental collapse, unionising workplaces, undermining the recently empowered far-right and a plethora of political and altruistic endeavours, have added the genocide […]


A Voice from Gaza

I am living these days inside a plastic tent in Rafah, beside the border of Egypt and the Sinai Desert. I am living a very strange life, as I sleep in the day, and stay awake all the night—to guard my wife, my son and my two small daughters from […]

Imperialism International

Forced and Mass displacement of the Palestinian people: An essential pillar of the Zionist project 

Statement by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP)  It is not possible to talk about the emergence of the Israeli entity outside the framework of the doctrine of the massacres it committed since 1948, as the Israeli occupation sought, with direct support from the colonial Western countries, […]

Gaeilge - Irish Language Poetry

If I Must Die (Irish translation)

Má fhaighimse bás, ní mór duitse fanacht beo chun mo scéalsa a insint mo chuid giuirléidí a dhíol ruainne éadaigh a cheannach agus cúpla téad, (bíodh sé bán ags ruball fada air) chun go mbeadh radharc ag páiste, áit éigin i nGaza agus é ag stánadh ar neamh ag feitheamh […]


Apocalypse Now: Gaza

Just imagine for a moment what a post-nuclear-apocalyptic holocaust might look like. A destroyed landscape. People wandering the streets, in a state of post-traumatic shock. No shelter, no clean water, no food. Just the clothes on their backs and the shoes on their feet. Distraught children mystified by their new […]

Ecology Politics

Troubled Waters

Last month, I watched a crowd gather in Amsterdam for a rally in support of climate justice. With 70,000 people in attendance it was the largest of its kind in the country. Although it started peacefully, the pleasant atmosphere turned into one of conflict when Peace Prize winner Sahar Shirzad […]


In the dark times

“In the dark timesWill there also be singing?Yes, there will also be singing.About the dark times”—Bertolt BrechtThe night is darkI see light across the skyIt is not a light of hopeIt is not the sign of dawnThe heat it radiates does not give warmthIt scorches you to ashesThe place I […]



Unending violence and repression October 2023 will go as one of the bloodiest periods in recent history, in the long struggle of the Palestinian people to end Israeli occupation and to achieve an independent state. The current bloody onslaught against the Palestinian people, while sparked by the attacks of the […]