Solidarity with Latin America

A chara,

As the content of last month’s Socialist Voice will show, there is an urgent need for solidarity with Latin America. The existence of mass struggles by a risen people in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Haiti, Puerto Rico and so on, as well as the existence of socialist Cuba, are unfortunately at odds with the desire of US imperialism to enforce its domination in Latin America, as events in Bolivia show.

Unfortunately, it has to be faced up to that social democracy, no matter how well-meaning or even popular, cannot solve the problems faced by the people. It is therefore of the utmost importance that anti-imperialists in Ireland find some way to come together to bring into being a class-based movement for solidarity with the people of Latin America, which can present an alternative view to the prevailing liberal human rights discourse, which conveniently manages to link up with the demands of Donald Trump’s State Department.

Graham Harrington