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The women of Iran have risen

The women of Iran have risen up, with cries of “Down with the dictator!” The catalyst has been the murder of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, a 22-year-old woman murdered at the hands of the Gasht-e Ershād (Guidance Patrol), otherwise known as the morality police. She was arrested on 13 September for […]


Solidarity with Nicaragua

Paper given by Philip Kelly, Greater Belfast Branch, CPI ■ Today I joined comrades from around Latin America and Europe in a meeting with the Foreign Ministry of Nicaragua. Below is the text of my contribution. Brothers and sisters, comrades of the Sandinista Revolution, I speak to you today from […]

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From the Plough to the stars

■ From the Plough to the Stars: An Anthology of Working People’s Prose from Contemporary Ireland “The cooks, the cleaners, the porters: Unsung heroes on the frontline,” the Irish Times declared in early May 2020, suddenly recognising that a society cannot function without the working class, for just a brief […]