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I Come And Stand At Every Door

Originally a poem by the great Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet and translated into English by Jeannette Turner. Here Gabriel Rosenstock translates Pete Seeger’s version of this great antiwar song (   Im’ sheasamh ar gach tairseach bím   Im’ sheasamh ar gach tairseach bím Ní chloistear áfach mo choiscéim An […]

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Tressell’s work is a timeless piece of working class literature

Robert Tressell’s book The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists is the first important working-class novel in English literature, written between 1906 and 1910 and first published posthumously, and very abridged, in 1914. The working class has championed this novel about their experience and written from their own point-of-view like no other working-class novel […]

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Paddy Power workers awarded €750-€1,000 each for denial of rest breaks Fourteen Mandate  members employed by Paddy Power Betfair Plc have been awarded between €750 and €1000 each by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) for the denial of rest breaks. The workers, through their Union, successfully took the cases under […]

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Bus Connect = Bus Bisect

There is no doubt that, with our ever-expanding capital city, public transport needs to be continually expanded and improved to meet the ever changing requirements of a modern city. Typical of our gombeen political class instead of improving and expanding the bus service continuously, the system is neglected, under funded […]