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Recovery for whom?

It is constantly repeated in the pro-boss media that the Irish economy is in recovery, and that this is in full swing throughout the European Union. One has to ask the serious question: A recovery for whom, and at what price? They repeat the mantra that unemployment levels are coming […]


Cocky Abdul

Gabriel Rosenstock introduces and translates another poem from the Indian subcontinent, a poem that sings of man’s hope and despair and the never-ending disparity between the privileged and the poor. [one_half padding=”0 4px 0 4px”] Abdul Sotalach Rahul Rai Samhlaigh le do thoil sotal Abdul bhoicht: Arsa Abdul bocht: “Bead […]

Culture History

From Burns to Liebknecht

Every so often, history presents us with an amazing affirmation of our humanity, a sense of continuity, the passing on of the torch. This applies supremely to Robert Burns’s song “For A’ That.” Burns was highly regarded in the USSR Robert Burns, born on 25 January 1759, lived in an […]

Political Economy

Understanding land value tax (LVT)

An introduction After hearing the minister for housing, Eoghan Murphy, declare the Government’s response to the housing crisis—namely changing planning regulations and restrictions for developments and the clear impact it would actually have—it reminded me of a small pamphlet that I picked up in Connolly Books back in 2008, Land […]


But we’re still neutral!

In its electronic newsletter in mid-December the web site German Foreign Policy ( reports on the launch of the European Union’s new “Military Union” strategy. The report states: “The German Government has announced that the EU Military Union will be officially launched this Monday, with the EU Council formally adopting […]