Poem – Believe in the working people

It is belief in the working people
that will tear down this sham democracy
It is belief in the working people
that must be our philosophy
It is belief in the working people
that martyred James Connolly
who believed that without a socialist state
1916 was for nothing
who believed that if it wasn't the brits ruling us
the capitalists, the imperialists, would be governing

The USA uses shannon airport
where was the people's vote for that?
Fianna Gael and Fianna Fail in government again?
Pretty sure we voted against that

Our lives are not our lives when our choice has been taken away
What more do we have to say
We want it our way
Not under the pretence of some 'democracy'
A load of richies beg for your vote, then blatantly display their
hypocrisy and serve their own interests and the interests of the US and
the EU And pee ew the stink of taking on their debt
and feck you if you think we're doing that again

These are our lives too and we're not playing the same game
104 years ago James Connolly was shot, what a shame
We still haven't kicked the crappiest system away
Where all the rich get richer
While the working poor have to pay
Many are aware that pretty soon comes the day
Where we stand united and refuse to be exploited anymore
and shake off the propaganda you've been spouting since the cold war

Take back what was stolen from the hands that built it
Knock down the ones that took our planet and killed it
They have held us down for so long with violence with oppression
with stories with lies, they got better at hiding their weapons
Like the ones that shot James Connolly right here in Kilmainham Gaol
for an idea that still stands, for an idea that has not gone stale
To rip down the system that poisons our souls
Put in place for the minority to achieve their goals
To stay powerful, when they know we are the ones with the real power
A majority, and hundreds of years of working hour to hour
Living from week to week on a shitty wage
And they make all the decisions, and we are enraged
Slaves to capitalism and forced to carry the burden
And austerity will only get worse, of that I am certain

''And our demands most moderate are: we only want the earth ''
We wouldn't murder her for profit, we know what she's worth
So when this is all over we won't forget
We won't work twice as hard to pay off their debt
The day has passed for patching up the capitalist system, it must go
Less slow and just throw
Just shove
Just rip them down from above

And we'll take authority as the majority
with the ability to right a monstrosity
a monopoly
thriving on inequality
a tyranny
that has no place in our economy
in the actual sustainable economy that we can build
where the ordinary working people's needs are fulfilled

and don't think it'll never happen
because it's been done before
it's not folklore and we'll no longer just ignore
because we're reaching the end of our tether
and guess what, we know better
how to run our own lives
in a system that won't deprive

''Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to
manage the affairs of the capitalist class'' Take a look at your
hourglass Time's running out
''The day has passed
for patching up the capitalist system
it must go''
Wise words from a wise man, it's time to overthrow.

James Connolly believed in the working class
It cost him his life
but he was right
We've taken all that we can clasp
Capitalism's given all it can give
''Men perish but principles live''