Apocalypse Now: Gaza

Just imagine for a moment what a post-nuclear-apocalyptic holocaust might look like. A destroyed landscape. People wandering the streets, in a state of post-traumatic shock. No shelter, no clean water, no food. Just the clothes on their backs and the shoes on their feet. Distraught children mystified by their new life, surrounded by death, destruction and despair. Parents scrambling to find food in empty stores, while their children die from malnutrition, gastroenteritus, and dehydration. Whole families sheltering in the ruins of their destroyed homes with no medical care facilities left.

No medicine for diabetics, no blood thinners for stroke patients, no pre- or post-natal care. Pregnant women going into labour at the side of the road, miscarriages, still births and no incubators for premature infants. No humanitarian aid, just a race for survival. Every day, a new threat.

Every day a struggle to find enough food and water to sustain you and your family for the next 24 hours. No showering, no shaving, no working sanitation, with faeces and excrement piling up on the streets. New threats are emerging causing more death from famine, disease and collapsing buildings. Can you imagine that for one moment?

Can you imagine that for one hour? Could you live like that for one moment? Could you live like for one hour? Could you live like that for one day, one week, one month?

Israel has dropped the equivalent of three Hydrogen bombs on Gaza. We all know what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The war was nearly over, there was no need to bomb Japanese civilians into oblivion. The bombs were a threat to the Soviet Union, a warning of America’s nuclear capabilities.

Well the yanks are at it again. It is Biden and the American administration who are supplying Israel with weapons of mass destruction. This is Americas war much more than it is Israel’s.

From Hiroshima to Fallujah.

From Nagasaki to Nablus.

The death of the innocent is the hallmark of American hegemonic, demonic foreign policy.

If there is no intervention to stop this genocide, the word Apocalypse will be an understatement when describing the death toll, the human suffering and the living conditions of Palestinians whom Israeli political elected leaders call beasts walking on two legs and demand that every enemy of Israel – man, woman, child and even their animals – be put to death. Netanyahu said that.

He also told CNN Israel is fighting barbarism on behalf of civilisation, and if they lose, Europe will be next. In reality, those committing barbarous acts of evil are the Israeli occupation soldiers, their navy and their air force.

Israel was built on terrorism, by terrorists whose descendants continue the legacy of the ethnic cleansing of Palestininans from Palestine. “The only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian.”

“Kill the parents but be sure to kill the child so it does not grow up to avenge the father.”

The terrorist machine that is Israel must be dismantled or we will continue to witness their murderous aggression for another 75 years.

“When men of good will stand idly by, evil flourishes.”

– Edmund Burke

Silence is complicity.