Statement in Support of Palestine

The Communist Party of Ireland congratulates the working people of Ireland, from Derry to Kerry and everywhere in between, for their steadfast solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people as they face a barbarous assault by the Israeli Occupation Forces over the last number of weeks. Across our country, in many villages, towns and cities, people have marched, protested and demanded a ceasefire in Gaza.

The streets of Ireland are with the Palestinian people and the national demonstration held on 18th November was one of the largest demonstrations seen on the streets of the capital in decades. The strength of solidarity continues to grow and with no signs of stopping.

Tens of thousands of people have been mobilised to demand a ceasefire, an end to the decades long occupation, the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador, and strengthening of the BDS campaign.

Working people have been horrified by the violence and brutality inflicted upon the people of Gaza, but also by the massive increase in violence perpetrated by occupation forces and illegal settlers in the occupied West Bank, where killings and ethnic cleansing continues unabated.

The strength of solidarity across the country has forced the Irish government to take positions which are at odds with the majority of member states of the EU. The contradictions between what the Irish political establishment says in public to our people and that within the European Union, is exposed by the unanimous support for decisions favouring the Zionist entity at European Council level.

It is also clear that the Irish people, like tens of millions across the world, are increasingly seeing through the doublespeak and downright lies of the imperialist powers in the US and EU with regards to their unquestioning support for the Zionist genocidal war on Gaza.

We must maintain pressure on the Irish government and continue to demand a ceasefire, the enactment of the Occupied Territories Bill & Illegal Israeli Settlements Divestment Bill, an end to the illegal occupation, and an end to the transportation of weapons and military personnel through Shannon.

We have secured important advances, but we need to push forward and keep the pressure on the Irish state.

Saoirse don Phalaistín, ón abhainn go dtí an mhuir!