Sebastian Patrick Stroie (2002–2019)

The Communist Party of Ireland offers its condolences to the family of Sebastian Patrick Stroie, a militant in the Connolly Youth Movement who died tragically on 21 October.

We extend our sympathy to his parents, Claudia and Adrian, to his sister, Veronica, and to his extended family in Romania, and our solidarity to all his comrades and friends in the CYM.

Seby was a kind, generous and warm-hearted young man. He was involved in many struggles in his short but packed young life. He was active in the housing struggle, taking part in a number of housing occupations in Dublin. He was also active in the climate strikes, concerned, like others of his generation, with the destruction of the global climate. He had a keen and enquiring mind and was always eager to learn.

We know that the nature of his passing has had a deep impact upon his family and all his comrades in both the CYM and the CPI. His contribution was extremely important, and his memory will live long in all our hearts. He will be greatly missed by all.