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How the Left fared in Denmark’s general election

An assessment of how Denmark’s three left-wing parties—the Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten), founded in 1989, the Alternative (Alternativet), founded in 2013, and the Independent Greens (Frie Gronne), founded in 2020—fared in the election of 1 November 2022. In brief: The Red-Green Alliance¹ lost four mandates, winning 9 seats; the Alternative² gained […]


Denmark’s ‘red-bloc’ maintains majority

Denmark’s most decisive election for many years on November 1 st , triggered by the SocialLiberal’s threat to topple the government with a vote of no confidence, proved nonethelesssuccessful for the left-wing bloc led by the Social Democrats, winning 90 of the parliament’s179 seats. Although the Social Democrats ran its […]