National congress of the CPI

In mid-September the Communist Party of Ireland will hold its 26th National Congress in Dublin. Delegates from around the country will discuss, debate and vote upon a political resolution and a new constitution for the CPI.

The highest authority of the CPI is its national congress, which takes place every three years. Because of covid restrictions, we delayed holding it to ensure that comrades could gather safely, and that no-one would be excluded.

Both the draft political resolution and the draft constitution have been discussed in the various branches over the last six months. Amendments to both documents have been submitted by the branches, which will go before the congress for debate and to be voted on.

The congress will bring together members from around Ireland, from Donegal to Cork. Congresses are the highest authority and democratic policy-making body within the CPI. Delegates are nominated by their branches to attend the congress.

We decide our policy at the congress, and it then becomes the policy for the whole party and is binding upon all members. The draft political resolution has been discussed democratically in the branches, which are able to submit proposed amendments, which then go to the congress for debate and to be voted on. When adopted, the political resolution becomes the ultimate policy of the CPI and will guide the work of the party until our next congress.

Equally, the new constitution to be discussed and voted on at the congress will determine the working and the democratic structure and procedures of the CPI.

The congress will also elect the new National Executive Committee by a secret ballot of all the delegates attending. The NEC will oversee the implementation of the strategy endorsed by the congress. The NEC cannot change policy without convening a special congress.

Over the last few months there have been many discussions in the branches, allowing all members the opportunity to speak and put forward their opinions and to propose amendments to both the draft political resolution and the draft constitution.

A full report on the congress will be published in the October issue of Socialist Voice.