Another unacceptable manoeuvre

A small group of individuals of different origins, with dissimilar professional results, most of them residing outside Cuba, claim they represent the entire Cuban intellectual community, of millions of people who speak loud and clear for ourselves.

The website La Joven Cuba serves as their voice, because their text is “received casually.” In the pamphlet of the day, entitled Manifesto Against Silence, for Justice, the revolutionary government is responsible for all the problems of Cuba, and the institutions of justice are attacked with particular viciousness. As the US government and its spokespersons in the world are well paid by that same government and by the disinformation market, this country, small and harassed, is singled out and its professionals are manipulated.

The existence of the blockade and external aggression is omitted.

In a falsification condensed into a few lines, without a shred of serious analysis, the riots of 11 and 12 July are presented exclusively as a political fact, manipulated with hypocritical solidarity with the most humble sectors. All the sudden acts of vandalism, physical aggression against citizens and the authorities are excluded, and above all any connection with the aggressive media machine directed against Cuba and its people.

The core of the lie is obvious: ignore the popular response to the incidents of last summer and ignore the actions that the Cuban government has been carrying out in favour of the most needy sectors. It is likely that the latter, together with the systematic dialogue of the leadership of the Revolution with broad social sectors, increasingly remarkable in the midst of disinformation about Cuba, are the real reasons for this new provocation.

Cuban intellectuals oppose speaking on our behalf to promote, with crude lies, aggression against Cuba’s independence and our dreams of full justice and freedom. We can discuss any opinion about our reality, and we do so, with complete freedom. But we do not accept the manoeuvre of using reasonable concerns to serve as an instrument for the enemies of the fatherland. They are not interested in the humble, nor do they pretend in any way to solve the problems that affect their material and spiritual living conditions.

The criminalisation of our institutions is articulated with the discourse of the promoters of hatred among Cubans, allied to external aggression; of the hatred that the signatories of the pamphlet claim to repudiate. We do not accept it.

We are willing to continue working for the well-being of our people and to be more critical every day about everything that prevents it. We condemn, therefore, all external interference in our affairs, any attack on our sovereignty.