Who said that?

“It’s a small nation with a strong identity, but it jumps like a puppy desperate for attention from one of the big boys—in this case, Biden. His PR team have played the Irish like a Stradivarius.”—Chris Sweeney, author and columnist, on Ireland’s “relationship” with Joe Biden

“Ah, yes, America. The country where Republicans spend all day screaming that socialism is happening and Democrats spend all day making sure it never does.”—Caitlin Johnstone, Australian journalist

“No government can justify from an ethical point of view that the vast economic and technological strength of a superpower, like the United States, can be deployed over 60 years to subject to economic strangulation a relatively small nation with limited natural resources.”—Miguel Díaz-Canel, president of Cuba

“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.”—Albert Einstein

“Partisan myopia simply won’t let people understand the magnitude of what is on display here: utter moral bankruptcy of the entire US political and media establishment.”—Nebojša Malić, Serbian-American journalist, on the nature of the US establishment

“My overall reaction is one of sadness to see a country as global and as dominant as the United States—in terms of its role in the world to protect democracy and the fundamentals around democracy—deteriorate into complete chaos at the heart of its capital.”—Simon Coveney, minister for foreign affairs, showing why he is perfectly suitable for the position he holds

“The books had opened my head, the movies opened my heart.”—Walter Bernstein, blacklisted screenwriter, who died in January, on reading Marx and Engels, Steinbeck and Dreiser and watching films by Sergei Eisenstein and other Soviet directors