Imperialists promote subversion in Cuba

The farce of San Isidro in Havana, a new attempt – FAILED – of political destabilization and interference by the United States Government against Cuba

Dear Friends,

In recent days, social networks, essentially through Facebook, and western media have tried to make news of an artificial event that occurred in a small Havana neighbourhood.

The small group of people directly involved in the events in the San Isidro neighbourhood are neither artists nor social activists. They are elements with terrible social behaviour, who neither study nor work, linked to people who promote terrorism from the United States and to officials of the United States embassy, ​​who have encouraged their conduct and financed their counter-revolutionary activities.

The members of that group themselves have provided evidence of such links through videos recorded by themselves and posted on their Facebook accounts.

The United States Government and the FBI have sufficient evidence about people who, from the United States, encourage and finance terrorist actions against Cuba. These people act with the absolute complicity of the North American authorities.

Mobilized through Facebook, a group of young Havana artists began to gather on Friday, November 28 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, to that group were later joined by other people who have nothing to do with the cultural sector.

There was initially a “motivation of solidarity” with the supposed artists of San Isidro. Later, there was a claim for dialogue with the authorities of the Ministry of Culture on a diversity of cultural issues and others with a broader horizon.

There was a first meeting with the Vice Minister of Culture in which a broad agenda of issues was addressed. As stated by the Vice Minister of Culture in a televised appearance, this dialogue will continue on the basis of respect for the Cuban Constitution.

There is no situation in Havana, much less in Cuba, that threatens the absolute tranquillity of the citizens that has always reigned on our island. 

All the alarm propagated by the western media in this regard is false.

On Sunday, November 29, in a central park in Havana there was a massive event with thousands of young Cubans, including a broad representation of patriotic artists, in defence of the Revolution and its legitimate cultural policy. 

This other act was obviously ignored by the western media.

The Cuban Revolution is based on a broad social consensus, including its youth.

That consensus has not deteriorated, not even as a consequence of the additional hardships caused by the brutal tightening of the blockade imposed by the Trump administration against the Cuban people.

There is no room in Cuba for the so-called “soft coups”.