A huge loss Henry Dent (1956–2019)

Comrades have been saddened by the death of Henry Dent, a former secretary of Dublin District CPI.

For many years Henry was a frequent and characteristic participant on Dublin marches and demonstrations for every progressive cause. He also staffed Connolly Books in a voluntary capacity from time to time.

Henry, along with his comrade Rosanna Flynn, was the mainstay of Residents Against Racism. In that capacity he worked tirelessly and quietly to assist individuals in claiming their right to refugee status or to avoid deportation. He accompanied people to court, assisted with form-filling, and organised reliable legal assistance.

Following Henry’s death Residents Against Racism held an evening of tribute in the Teachers’ Club in Dublin, which was attended by a number of immigrants who would not be living legally in Ireland were it not for his work. Other individuals were grateful to him for his quiet advice in dealing with personal, family or social difficulties that they experienced arising from their sexuality.

Compassion was at the heart of everything Henry did. He loved people and animals, life and nature. He was a vegan from a time when most of us did not know what that meant, and would not even take necessary medicine if he suspected the producers had experimented on animals.

Fágann a bhás líon mór daoine faoi bhrón.

M. Mac A.