What a parcel of rogues in a nation!

On 3 February a NATO submarine, part of the Dutch fleet, docked in Cork Harbour. While it was moored there, a Dutch seaman stood “guard” on the submarine, brazenly brandishing an automatic weapon. This was an exact repeat of a similar incident in 2017.

The Gardaí refused to intervene, and the media ignored the episode, as did local politicians.

Peace activists surmise that the Dutch submarine was involved in a NATO mission.

It would be pointless to suggest that this was an infringement of “Irish neutrality.” How can Ireland claim to be neutral when it has been an accessory to US wars since 2001 by means of Shannon Airport and Irish airspace?

And the Government’s signing up to the EU’s bellicose Permanent Structured Cooperation in Security and Defence, earmarking Irish special forces for a role in an EU battle group, shows that we are militarily aligned. John Halligan’s announcement that the Irish state will finance transnational arms companies under the guise of space exploration is another signal that the Irish establishment is fully embracing imperialism.

What a parcel of rogues in a nation!

Centuries of colonial subjugation surely should compel us to oppose the imperial oppression of other countries and peoples. Initiating small peace groups up and down the country would be a beginning.