Essential to break with the EU and the euro

The recent proposals by the British government regarding a possible border between the British state and the European Union expose how marginal the interests of the Irish people are in relation to the negotiations now under way.

The terms of Britain’s relations with the EU will be decided between Britain and Germany, in the interests of their ruling classes.

History has shown our people that the British state will do what is in the interests of the British ruling class. The economic and political border between the EU and the British state will be imposed in a manner best suited to the needs and interests of British imperialism, with no regard whatever for the Irish people.

Neither the Irish state nor the political institutions established in the north of Ireland have any real say or influence in these talks or their outcome.

The Irish establishment has long since abandoned its last vestiges of national democracy and sovereignty, the very tools that are required in order to have effective influence either in these negotiations or in world affairs. Reasserting our national democracy and sovereignty would allow us to deal directly with the British state, other states and the EU and to secure a better deal as Britain leaves the EU.

Irish communists continue to oppose both the continued partition of the country and its submersion in the EU imperial state structures.

The only positive option facing our people is to demand an Irish withdrawal from the EU, especially a break with the euro, to allow greater economic and fiscal independence and make it possible to pursue economic and social policies that favour the people and not European monopolies, finance houses, banks, and industrialists.